Oudi - from "made" to "quality"

2016-05-03 13:36:52 admin 1

Recently, in ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD., located at no. 1 INDUSTRIAL zone, huangtian town, workers were busy making orders at the old factory and technicians were busy making equipment at the new one.

It is understood that in recent years, facing the complicated economic situation, oudi did not "protect itself" to compress production, but invested more than 38 million yuan to build factories and introduce equipment, striving to make new breakthroughs on the basis of the outline pens of the company's core products.

Oudi, formerly zhejiang south pencil co., LTD, was founded in 1978 and was the only state-owned pencil manufacturer in the county.

However, as the company stepped into the fast track of accelerating development, the head of the company, zhou guangjun, made a bold decision: to rename ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO., ltd. as ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN.

"More than 30 years old brand, said to throw away, who is not sad? But consumers are not going to buy pens made by pencil companies. Zhou guangjun said the original reason for the name change. It turns out that the pencil industry is low in technology content and fierce in competition. It has already entered the development bottleneck period. In order to expand its business scope, the company has started to dabble in the eyebrow pencil industry long before the name change and embarked on a difficult transformation path.

"The pencil is painted on paper, the eyebrow pencil is painted on the face, if there is no mature technology to produce the eyebrow pencil into the market, it means to break their own jobs." Zhou guangjun said oudi took 20 years from pencil to eyebrow pencil. In order to produce high quality eyebrow pencil, over the years, the company has invested a lot of money in innovation, research and development, exploration and test, research and production of eyebrow pencil. In 2002, the company strongly launched "Oudi", "Airwoman" brand cosmetics series products, from scratch, from good to good, from good to strong, for enterprises to explore foreign markets lay a good foundation.

In 2015, "Oudi" and "Airwoman" were recognized and favored by consumers. With the continuous development of pencil and eyebrow pencil products, zhou guangjun, who has tasted the benefits of transformation, set his eyes on the cosmetics market.

"For the cosmetics industry, the quality of products is the life of products." Zhou guangjun told reporters that in order to improve product quality, in 2015, the company invested capital to build a cosmetics production workshop with 300,000 class cleanliness in accordance with international standards, including buffer rooms, air conditioning purification systems, testing laboratories and other hardware facilities, so as to further improve the quality of cosmetics. At the same time, by analyzing customers' demand and market trend, the design and appearance technology of cosmetics are improved to produce high-quality and efficient cosmetics, from "manufacturing" to "quality manufacturing".

At present, oudi's "oudi" and "Airwoman" brand cosmetics series have dozens of varieties and more than 100 styles of products, exported to Japan, Korea, the Middle East, South America, Britain, Germany and other countries and regions, deeply loved by consumers.