The bottleneck and breakthrough of the development of qingyuan pencil industry

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In recent years, qingyuan pencil industry has maintained a relatively strong growth momentum, a "small pencil" with a "big dream", in the increase of public income, industries and counties have made important contributions. However, people have to worry about the near future. Although the pencil industry is in the boom period of development, it still needs us to take advantage of the situation and seize the opportunity to innovate ourselves and win the initiative of sustainable development.


1, the development of qingyuan pencil industry

(1) economic benefits have increased significantly. In 2017, the total output value of qingyuan pencil industry will reach 2.045 billion yuan (including industrial chain enterprises), an increase of more than 5 times compared with the beginning of the 12th five-year plan period. The total output of pencils will reach more than 6 billion pieces, accounting for 27.84% of the total output of pencils in China, 34.76 million yuan of input tax, 36.24 million us dollars of direct export, and more than 25% of the total output of China. In the last five years from the end of the 12th five-year plan to the beginning of the 13th five-year plan, the annual average growth rate of qingyuan pencil production has been maintained at more than 20%, with good order status, rapid growth momentum and stable industrial status.

(2) the gathering trend of production areas is obvious. Zhukou, huangtian and ping are the main production areas of pencils in our county. Among them, zhukou town was also recognized as "the first town of pencils in China" by China federation of light industry and China pen making association in 2014. Qingyuan pencil industry chain is relatively complete. By 2017, qingyuan pencil production enterprises have grown to 32 and 8 pencil supporting enterprises, forming a relatively complete pencil industry cluster chain such as pen making, equipment manufacturing, softening board, pen core, rubber head, lacquer glue, packaging printing, e-commerce, logistics and transportation of finished products.

(3) leading effect brings prominence. At present, there are 5 enterprises with a total output value of 1.02 billion yuan in qingyuan pencil industry. A number of leading enterprises such as hongxing, jiuling, best, oudi and lianxing have strong influence in the pencil industry. As a drafting company, jiuling participated in the formulation of China's water-soluble pencils industry standards, hongxing commercial pencils exhibited their elegant appearance at the G20 hangzhou summit, and oudi made "qingyuan manufacturing" to "make up for the Rio Olympics". Best (softening board), anyi (pencil paint) and lianxing (color core) are the largest pencil main material supply base in China.

(4) the corporate culture pays more attention. In recent years, qingyuan pencil enterprises are more and more aware of the importance of corporate culture. In 2012, the first pencil museum was built in China. In 2015, our county implemented the double-track project of cultural improvement of zhukou pencil industry park and pencil enterprise culture improvement, effectively improving the brand value and added value of pencils. A number of enterprises have successively built the corporate culture auditorium, shot corporate propaganda films, and created a good corporate culture atmosphere. In 2017, three pencil enterprises in our county became the first growing cultural enterprises in zhejiang province.

2. Major problems restricting the development of pencil industry

Although qingyuan pencil enterprise has achieved good performance, due to geographical conditions, technological innovation, talent team, factor support and other factors, there are still many deficiencies in the pencil industry as a whole, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) insufficient brand influence

The corporate brand concept is weak. At present, 85% of the pencil production in our county is OEM. Although there are 36 pencil registered trademarks and 9 city-level or above brands, except for a few enterprises such as jiuling and hongxing, most of them have little sense of existence. Although some enterprise trademarks have been registered for many years, they have never formed any brand benefits. In addition, because the success of a brand requires a lot of money, time and channels to accumulate, many business owners are unwilling and afraid to expend energy and cost to build a brand with an uncertain future.

Regional brand communication is limited. Although the production of pencils in our county accounts for a high proportion in the whole country, and there are four "national name" gold CARDS, neither the external publicity nor the local pencil elements are strong enough. Moreover, the brand price synergy and quality synergy of qingyuan pencil industry are far from forming a fist. They not only fail to reap the effect of brand premium, but tear the comprehensive quality of regional public brands to a certain extent, leaving a long way to go before "making the world love qingyuan pencil".

(2) insufficient innovation capability

The variety of business is relatively simple. Although there are more than 100 kinds of specification of qingyuan pencil products, they are mainly made of wooden pole pens, which are mainly different in appearance modeling, packaging, as well as the hardness and color of the pencil core. Low value-added products, insufficient effective supply of high-end pens and brand pens, excessive production capacity at the low end, serious homogenization competition, small and micro enterprises pressure prices, purchase orders, and amount of effort, which is extremely easy to lead to vicious price wars in the industry, forming a situation of disorderly competition and greatly reducing profits.

Weak ability of independent innovation. Enterprises generally focus on production rather than research and development, with low level of innovation. Most business owners are satisfied with the status quo, and lack the initiative of transformation and upgrading, and cannot afford the investment pressure and uncertainty pressure brought by transformation and upgrading. The pace of technical reform and development is not fast, and the manufacturing mode and equipment update lag behind, leading to the restriction of the improvement of the overall level of the industry in key technologies and generic technologies. For example, our pencil products have always been sold through foreign trade, so we are not willing to try to expand the domestic market more, leading to the loss of potential business opportunities in many domestic markets.

(3) insufficient driving force of foundation

It is difficult for enterprises to recruit and retain employees. The platform and treatment provided by local pencil enterprises are not as good as those in large and medium-sized cities, and they are not attractive enough to management, technology, foreign trade, marketing and other professionals. In the production line, the majority of workers over the age of 55 still occupy the majority, all of which bring restrictions to the management level and development level of qingyuan pencil enterprises. In addition, although several parks have taken on the initial shape of industrial new town, the facilities for accommodation, transportation, consumption and cultural and sports facilities are not perfect enough.

Two heads are a risky business. First, outside the raw materials, limited factor support. Qingyuan pencil is a product mainly consumed by resources. In recent years, although we have been working hard to build the pencil industry chain, our main material -- pencil board should be purchased from abroad or from outside the province. Due to the rise in material prices and other factors, qingyuan pencil's profit space significantly downward. Second, outside the market, terminal supply and demand is limited. Our county pencil product 98% sells abroad, the foreign trade dependence degree is big, the foreign country China anti-dumping investigation, southeast Asia pencil factory rise and so on the factor, brought our pencil enterprise not small pressure.


3. Countermeasures and Suggestions for industrial upgrading

1. Cultivate regional public brands. First, we will increase the publicity and promotion of qingyuan pencils. The government should step in and promote the registration, protection and promotion of public brands in the "qingyuan pencil" area, carry out all-around, high-density and multi-form publicity, launch a common publicity and promotion advertisement on various exhibitions and media, and constantly improve the popularity and reputation of qingyuan pencil. Second, the cultural connotation of "qingyuan pencil" is deeply rooted. Promote the integration of industry, tourism, culture and tourism, hold the pencil culture festival, set up the pencil design competition, pencil development BBS and other activity carriers, strong industrial development atmosphere. We will improve the pencil culture industrial park, build the pencil world park, the pencil alley on the lead street, the pencil business logistics tourism distribution center, and plan to build the pencil-featured landmark to increase the pencil cultural elements of qingyuan city.

2. Cultivate core independent brands. First, we should encourage enterprises to build brand confidence. Carry out the training of brand knowledge, management and laws and regulations in a planned way, establish files and follow up services for the trademark registration and use of pencil enterprises in the territory, guide enterprises to strengthen their own brand awareness, continue to invest in brand construction, and improve the ability of brand creation and brand operation in an all-round way. Second, to guide enterprises to polish the brand image. Brand equals quality, and building customer trust is the most direct way to build a brand. Encourage and support enterprises to take export pencil quality safety demonstration area as the basis, strengthen quality control management, focus on the advantages of products, shape product value, actively make new and fine fist products, and guide enterprises to integrate their own culture into product and service development.

(2) two accelerations

We will accelerate development of industrial platforms. First, we will build a platform for industrial development and innovation. Relying on the advantages of industrial cluster development, large and medium-sized pencil enterprises are recruited to build innovative pencil industry research and development platform, testing platform, technical service platform, raw material supply base and other Shared carriers, providing resource guarantee for industrial enterprises. To organize some major scientific and technological projects in the industry, such as raw materials, technical equipment, energy conservation, emission reduction and quality safety, to tackle key problems and improve production capacity. Second, consolidate the basic platform for industrial development. Centering on building high-quality industrial parks, the planning and construction of such industrial parks as zhukou and pingdu have been continuously strengthened, various basic supporting facilities of the parks have been improved, service functions of the parks have been improved, comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of the parks have been continuously improved, creating a good environment for enterprises to operate and operate.

We will accelerate development of technological capabilities. First, we will improve the talent training model. We should not only introduce high level talents that are urgently needed for the development of the industry, but also provide intellectual support for the promotion and upgrading of qingyuan pencil industry. What is more important is to accept and cultivate a number of local young talents for production and sales, so as to provide them with as many opportunities for job training and value presentation as possible, as well as good treatment comparison, so as to improve their sense of belonging. Second, we will intensify technological transformation. We will guide and support enterprises to introduce advanced production equipment, gradually realize automation and intelligence of production lines, minimize production costs and ensure stable product quality. We will encourage enterprises to continuously introduce new technologies that are suitable for them. At the same time, we will increase the creative design of pencil products to realize differentiated competition and promote the leap from the low end of the value chain to the high end.

(iii) two promotions

We will improve policy guidance. First, we will accurately support development through "one industry, one policy". The party committee and the government should make every effort to create a boming-style service environment, and provide accurate support and green approval in the areas of talent cultivation and introduction, construction of special parks, development of industrial forms and diversified utilization of products, especially in the areas of exhibition participation, trademark cultivation, machine replacement and cultural construction. Second, we will improve the financing environment by "making progress while making progress". To strengthen the regulation on enterprises' access to the capital market, the financial regulatory authorities should pay special attention to the risk assessment, management and response of enterprise credit mutual insurance, joint insurance and circular insurance, and effectively prevent and defuse the risk of "fire and ashes" in the enterprise guarantee circle. Encourage Banks and enterprises to actively try the innovation of financial products such as intellectual property pledge financing, supply chain financing and trade financing.

Improve industry management. The first is to play the role of management. The economic strength and self-government ability of the pencil industry association have been continuously strengthened, making it an effective support for information exchange and technical support within the industry, and providing more intermediate channel services for the development of the pencil industry, such as antenatal information, midproduction technology and postnatal sales. Second, standardize the management mechanism. Promote the credit system of construction industry, and gradually establish a set of this industry on self supervision, self management, the effective mechanism of self-restraint, strengthening industry self-discipline, price forming industry pricing, resolutely put a stop to some enterprises by hook or by crook vicious competition behavior, and standardize order in the export market, in the global pencil products on the market for greater collective voice.

Celebrating yuan, in short, in order to achieve the pencil industry improvement and breakthrough, to "all of the world's leading manufacturers of pencil", need we together business, government, strengthen the suffering consciousness, responsibility consciousness, crisis awareness, to when there is a sense of urgency, innovation and development concept, focus on the development key, to improve the way of development, firmly play industry ascension to be completed, celebrating the pencil industry healthy and rapid development, led the county territory economy continues to develop.