Qingyuan county to achieve a successful export

2017-03-01 15:25:24 admin 8

According to the statistics of customs, the total export volume of our county in January reached 67.07 million yuan, an increase of 60% over the same period of last year. It is 28 percentage points higher than the city's average growth rate, ranking the fourth in the city. Among them, ZHEJIANG HONGXING STATIONERY CO.,LTD.(7.65 million yuan, up 304% year on year), ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.(820,000 yuan, up 213% year on year), ZHEJIANG songyuan STATIONERY CO.,LTD.(3.92 million yuan, up 1099% year on year) and other pencil enterprises have achieved rapid development momentum. Qingyuan qingshui island food co., LTD., qingyuan county xinmeng food co., LTD., zhejiang oupai electric equipment co., LTD.