Walk into guizhou - love school bag donation ceremony is held ceremoniously

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Gao Lin's pencil, workbook, hand cream, wet towel, shower gel, etc Recently, students from 14 primary schools, such as chaoyang, yaoshan, qiannan buyi miao autonomous prefecture, guizhou province, received a special gift. Leading more than 50 representatives from the aromatization industry, China perfume & essence cosmetics industry association came to libo from all directions of China to carry out the charity activity of "entering guizhou -- xianghua industry caring bag", and donated some 580,000 yuan worth of learning and living supplies to children in mountainous areas. Looking at the gifts in the schoolbag, the children's faces showed a bright smile.


On December 16, nearly 60 representatives, leaders and personnel from more than 20 enterprises in China's perfume and cosmetics industry attended the donation ceremony held at three schools, including chaoyang town, yaoshan primary school and liulin primary school.


At the donation ceremony, Chen shaojun, director general of the China perfume and fragrance cosmetics industry association made a speech at the beginning. He expressed his gratitude on behalf of the association to the enterprises that actively participated in the activities of the association, and to the CPPCC of libo county, guizhou province, which has made a lot of hard work for the promotion activities. At the same time, Chen lishi also pointed out that China spices association, as a national first-class industry association founded over 30 years, has always adhered to the principle of "abiding by the law, representing the industry, communicating with the government, protecting rights and self-discipline, serving enterprises and promoting development", taking it as its duty to safeguard the vital interests of enterprises and promote the prosperity and development of the industry. This year, through the discussion and approval of the general meeting of the President of the association, we issued an initiative to all member enterprises to carry out the public welfare activities of "entering guizhou - xianghua industry caring bag".

Once the notice was issued, it received positive response from the majority of members. A total of 42 students signed up for the "charity activity of love satchel" and subscribed for 8,794 satchels. It is understood that a total of 4,754 (the rest of which will be issued next year) will be distributed, of which, shiseido liyuan cosmetics co., LTD., amorepacific trading co., LTD., amorepacific trading co., LTD., unilever (China) co., LTD., 500, umeijing group co., LTD., 500...


Some enterprises not only subscribe love school bags, but also donate their own products, Such as: Shanghai actively daily necessities CO., LTD. Donated 200 sets of hair suit, jiangsu long force's biological technology CO., LTD. And Shanghai zhuo spectacular citic cosmetics CO., LTD donated 200 hand cream, respectively to chemical CO., LTD. Giving children oral supplies 200, bayer doffer personal care products CO., LTD donated brand all 100 bottles of shampoo and skin creams, ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Donated 4,754 sets of pencils (6 sets/set), j&j (China) limited donated 200 boxes of baby wipes, 500 bottles of baby shower gel, and 100 mosquito spray products donated by weierfen technology development co., LTD These gifts bring warmth to children in the mountains during the cold winter.

Chen shao-jun, director general of the China xianghua association, said, "we come here hoping to pass on our love to the brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups in libo, and to give our wishes to the children of libo."


At the donation ceremony, mo yongkai, vice chairman of the CPPCC of libo county, made a speech on behalf of the receiving party. He introduced that libo county is located at the southernmost tip of guizhou province. Most of the students come from remote rural areas. Due to the backward economic development in rural areas and the lack of family income sources, coupled with some natural disasters and man-made disasters, some students' families are poor and cannot afford to study and live.

"There are 24,926 students in libo county, including 7,478 students from poor families, which is more than 30 percent of the total number of students in the county. This donation activity has truly solved the urgent need for some of our children and brought us a kind of precious spiritual wealth by giving our students a vivid lesson on caring education.

Shiseido li source cosmetics co., LTD., amorepacific trading co., LTD., tengzhou yoshida spice co., LTD., fujian wang Huang cosmetics co., LTD. (such as speech, as a representative of the endowment enterprise they thank aromatization association led enterprises to actively participate in public welfare undertakings, said it would to public welfare activities as an opportunity, to bear the social responsibility of the enterprise, take concrete actions to practice corporate social citizen responsibility, put it as a powerful impetus to enterprise development, a positive return for society.

Hou zhenghong, deputy general manager of shishengtang liyuan cosmetics co At the same time, we also call on the whole society to care about the cause of education, so that every student can grow up healthily and happily and become a pillar of the country.


At the end of the donation ceremony, chairman Chen shaojun and vice chairman mo yongkai issued the donation certificate to the participating enterprises. Enterprise delegates to the donation ceremony on behalf of the school issued pledging love bag, and with the donation on behalf of the discussion, communication between teachers and students, understand students' learning of institutions receiving donation, life situation, encourage them to seize opportunities, improve ourselves, to study hard, hard work, grow up to become useful talents for the people to the motherland.