We will make green development our top priority - to visit representatives and members of the municipal "two sessions"

2017-04-20 13:57:08 admin 12

We will make great efforts to build a national tourism demonstration area and a famous international eco-tourism city. We will vigorously develop the first strategic pillar industry of eco-tourism. In the report on the work of the municipal government, the tourism development goals and tasks for the next five years are inspiring and inspiring, and have aroused strong resonance among the representatives of municipal people's congress and CPPCC members of our county.

In recent years, our city has taken the eco-tourism as the first strategic pillar industry to strengthen the cultivation of eco-tourism development into the "fast track". In 2016, the total tourism revenue of the city reached 53.583 billion yuan, up 25.78% year on year.


Zhong miaofei, a representative of the municipal people's congress and the main director of the planning and development department of the county tourism commission, believes that although tourism in our city has developed rapidly in recent years, problems such as scattered tourism layout, lack of integration, lack of tourism industrial agglomeration and lack of competitiveness are more prominent. In this regard, zhong miaofei proposed to implement lishui tourism one-card (ticket) pass to boost the development of tourism industry in the whole region.

"The scattered tourist attractions will be tied together (bundled tickets will be sold and introduced to each other), one card (ticket) will be adopted to form the" golden "combination of the city's scenic spots, scenic spots and routes, and improve the utilization efficiency of the city's tourism resources." According to zhong miao fei, the whole lishui city is a large scenic area, which creates a national regional tourism demonstration area through innovative tourism operation mode.


Tourism one card (ticket) pass can gather all counties and urban areas into a large scenic area, while wu weixiang, the representative of municipal people's congress and general manager of zhejiang jiagao agricultural science and technology development co., LTD., proposed the construction of "tourism green road", which can link all tourist attractions into high-quality tourist routes.

"The world's zhuhai park as the carrier, through the construction of tourism green road, qingyuan and longquan tourism resources integration." In her opinion, the "tourism green road" connects huangwu village in huangtian, jiaogao bamboo charcoal square in zhouliu, longtoushan, taihu mountain, zhu huangzhu sea, celadon town, baoxi township and other scenic spots into a tourism route that spans the whole world's bamboo sea great park, which will benefit 100,000 villagers and indirectly increase tourism revenue by 800 million yuan.

"The bamboo and wood industry is the traditional pillar industry of qingyuan. The bamboo culture is created through the sightseeing of zhuhai park and the experience of DIY bamboo products. Wu weixiang has a deep understanding of the future trend and market demand of bamboo and wood industry.

"Green development should not only be jinshan silver mountain, but also green water and green mountains, especially industrial development." Zhou guangjun, a member of the CPPCC and chairman of oudi industrial co., said that green water and green mountains are related to the sustainable development of the pencil industry.

In 2016, the output value of the pencil industry in our city increased by more than 20%, accounting for a quarter of the national market share and forming a relatively complete industrial chain. Qingyuan pencil has an important position and influence in the national pencil industry, it is the Chinese pencil production base and pencil export product quality safety demonstration area. In the course of development, the supply of raw materials has become the bottleneck of sustainable development of pencil industry.


"It is urgent to vigorously promote poplar planting and establish a pencil raw material base." Zhou guangjun pointed out that the short growing period of poplar can not only improve the forest coverage of our city, solve the employment of labor force, but also provide material support for pencil industry.

Qingyuan, as the first county in the ecological environment, pointed out in this year's work report of the county government that we should strengthen our determination for green development, take on a stronger mission to protect mountains and water, and turn ecological advantages into economic advantages with greater wisdom. The delegates and members firmly believe that by continuously exploring the "two mountains" channel, yong will become a pathfinder and model student of green development, and the road of green development of qingyuan will become more solid.