Green ecological development in qingyuan, zhejiang: there is a way out without cutting down a tree

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Overlooking qingyuan, located in green water green mountains

Zhejiang qingyuan, located on the border of zhejiang and fujian provinces, was cut off from the mountains in the past. However, today, qingyuan adheres to the development path of "green water and green mountain is the golden mountain", and strives to protect a green water and green mountain and become a large green ecological industry.

According to the data, the green development index of qingyuan in 2016 ranks the third in lishui city, the third in lishui city in zhejiang province in terms of strong industrial counties, and the "top 100 counties of China's e-commerce" for five consecutive years. This is not a single day's work. It is due to the responsibility and mission of one party member cadre in qingyuan county to "catch up with one party" for many years, and also to the high positioning and concerted efforts of "striving for a better position and green development".

Qingyuan langqiao qingyuan publicity department

Zhejiang and fujian border cities across the border to work together to protect a green water qingshan

An xi flows into qingyuan from zhenghe county of fujian province, and then into songxi river from songyuan river and zhukou river, and into songxi county of fujian province. The three counties of the two provinces are geographically close, the mountains are connected and the culture is similar.

In the 1980s, three highly polluting enterprises, such as qingyuan's state-owned paper mill and dyeing and chemical plant, discharged industrial waste water directly into zhukou creek, resulting in serious pollution to the downstream fujian songxi brown.

Since the "five-water co-governance", qingyuan has adhered to the green development path of "green water and green mountain is golden mountain and silver mountain". It has resolutely abandoned the financial income of tens of millions of yuan, shut down the three high-polluting backbone enterprises and recovered the right to develop 28 power stations. With an iron hand, the downstream county of songxi in fujian province sent a golden flag to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of qingyuan, and worked together to build a "water-friendly pavilion" to remember this "embarrassing" history.

Located in the upper reaches of anxi river, zhenghe county of fujian has been in close contact with qingyuan in recent years due to water control. In September 2017, during the joint inspection of annan township of qingyuan county and lingyao township of zhenghe county, the environmental protection department found that the livestock and poultry farms in the upstream lingyao township were seriously polluted. The two sides immediately launched joint enforcement of environmental protection, agriculture and other departments, and banned six pig farms in fujian province at one time.

With great care, the scenery of qingyuan is good everywhere. Anlong village and anxi village in annan township have passed the examination and acceptance of comprehensive environmental improvement of small towns in zhejiang province with excellent results. Therefore, towns with beautiful environment also include huangtian town and zhukou town in zhukou river basin.

Every weekend, anlong village and anxi village in annan township, lianhu village in longgong township, huangwu village in huangtian town and xinyao village in zhukou town attract a lot of tourists from fujian.

While realizing green development, the rate of excellent urban air quality in qingyuan county increased from 98% in 2015 to 99.2% in 2017. By the end of 2017, the water environment quality to keep ahead in zhejiang province, Ⅰ - Ⅲ type water 100%, celebrating the county 100% Ⅰ - Ⅱ water keep exit section.

Tourists at the qingyuan pro-water summer resort qingyuan propaganda department

Build green mountain and water nest to cultivate the phoenix of ecological industry

Development is the eternal theme. In order to achieve green development, in 2017, qingyuan adhered to the strategy of "ecological county, industrial county and open county", made overall efforts to develop, reform and improve people's livelihood, and focused on the three leading industries of edible fungi, bamboo and pencil.

Qingyuan's industrial wealth county not only did not bring too much burden to the environment, but also accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of new industries and new forms of business, further improving the quality and efficiency of eco-economic quality and opening up the "quality revolution" of qingyuan manufacturing.

As a strong town of qingyuan industry, zhukou vigorously developed the pencil industry, and then became the first state-level demonstration area for the safety and quality of pencils exported to China. It also innovated and developed high-quality products such as eyebrow pencil and colored makeup, which were popular at home and abroad, and completed the supply-side structural reform of Chinese pencil industry.

After 38 years of development, qingyuan now has 38 enterprises in the pen industry, with an annual output value of 1.8 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the country's total, with a total output of 7 billion yuan, including 12 enterprises above the scale and 4 enterprises with a total output of 100 million yuan. More than 85% of the products are exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Qingyuan bamboo and wood industry has its own branch and a complete system, in which the chopsticks and chopping board industries occupy more than 60% of the domestic market.

Bamboo and wood industry, and "Internet +" high integration of the qingyuan pillar industry. In 2017, the county realized a total of 3.288 billion yuan of online retail sales, and was listed as "top 100 counties of national e-commerce" for five consecutive years, of which more than 80% were created by bamboo and wood e-commerce.

E-commerce absorbs employment, saves energy and reduces consumption, and makes high-quality qingyuan bamboo walk out of the unique path of innovative development and "private customization". In qingyuan, the bamboo factory and e-commerce are basically the "pre-factory and post-store" mode. What kind of products customers need, what kind of products will most likely become the annual "network explosive", which also puts forward higher requirements for the innovation of bamboo and wood products.

At the end of 2017, the construction of the 680,000,000 yuan qingyuan small and micro enterprise incubation park will begin, together with the development of the qingyuan e-commerce building in last year, a new era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is beckoning to qingyuan, who is determined to become the benchmark for the transformation of The Times of "green water and green mountain are jinshan silver mountain".

The good ecological environment has benefited the qingyuan eco-industry, activated the enterprise's potential to a certain extent, reduced the operating cost of the enterprise, and realized the era connotation of "green water, green mountain, is jinshan silver mountain".

"There is a way out without cutting a tree." In qingyuan, there is a vivid practice. The total stock of living trees in the county increased from 11.669 million cubic meters in 2015 to 13.216 million cubic meters in 2017.

There are more than 450 industrial enterprises in qingyuan county, of which 54 are over scale.

In the dust-free workshop, qingyuan only needs to build primary filtration to achieve the application dust-removing effect of advanced filtration, which can save nearly 10 million yuan for the enterprise equipment investment. At the same time, the dust-free workshop has reduced the intermediate filtration link and the system operation filtration times, saving the operation cost by nearly 1 million yuan every year.