Qingyuan painted "Rio make-up" in ten years

2016-08-23 13:44:31 admin 1

The Rio Olympic flame was doused by artificial rain at about 9am Beijing time yesterday, while the female singer was singing in the rain and her make-up was not affected. "The oudi make-up has excellent water-repellency and ensures that the Rio Olympics will not be washed away by sudden rain from the opening performance to the closing of the games." Zhou guangjun, chairman of oudi industries, said that oudi cosmetics can be widely recognized and used in the Rio Olympics, thanks to the deep transformation and research and development investment of the qingyuan pencil industry.

"We decided to enter the brow pen market, and it took us ten years!" Zhou guangjun, the former state-owned lead in the qingyuan pencil industry, said the southern zhejiang pencil factory was privatized a decade ago and began to enter the cosmetics market. In 2013, oudi industry planned to transform from pencil production to eyebrow pencil market for the first time in nearly 7 years. In 2015, the enterprise invested another 30 million yuan in technical reform, freeing two standard 5-floor factories as sterile workshops to produce water-resistant cosmetics and export them to South America and Africa in the same year.

"The reason why the Rio Olympics chose oudi is that our products have obvious comprehensive advantages." Zhou paused and added, "our 'once-a-decade' market focus is also the perceived strength of our Brazilian counterparts, who know that oudi is waterproof and can handle unexpected weather, so they chose oudi."

MAO lijuan, head of a cosmetics factory from sichuan province, joined oudi six years ago to take charge of product development and quality control. "Oudi now has eyeshadow powder, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyeliner pen, lip color and nail polish and other products. It can be said that oudi has successfully transitioned from a company producing pencils to a cosmetics company producing cosmetics and eyebrow pencils." MAO lijuan says excitedly, the enterprise now "two legs walk", develop foreign trade market already, advocate domestic market again, oudi colour makeup also became the independent brand that makeup artist people chooses actively gradually.

In recent years, closing hillsides attaches great importance to the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy, and continuously intensify policy support, have issued a series of industrial policy support, improve the purchase of advanced machinery and equipment of the enterprise and product export subsidies, to invest more of leading enterprises implement "a factory a strategy", encourage enterprises to adopt new equipment, new technology, new technology, constantly improve the quality of the products such as pencils, and new product research and development ability, promote the industry, including eyebrow pencil, pencil, rapid and sound transformation.

In the first half of this year, the output value of qingyuan pencil industry enterprises reached 391 million yuan, an increase of 28.59 percent year-on-year. "By 2020, qingyuan county will have 10 leading enterprises in the field of cultural and educational supplies manufacturing with an output value of more than 100 million yuan. The total industrial output value will reach 3 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 20 percent." Shen shizheng, President of the qingyuan pencil association, aims to make qingyuan the world's pencil manufacturing capital this year. Zhou guangjun's dream is to make qingyuan a new production base for eyebrow pens and cosmetics around the world.