Warmly celebrate our company's award as "the 10th consumer trust unit of the municipal level"

2015-04-06 15:33:38 admin 1

Recently, the reporter learns from county market to supervise a management bureau, our county 5 enterprises win province, city 10 consumer trust unit title.

Last year, lishui consumer rights and interests protection committee organized the "lishui 10th consumer trust unit" selection activity in the city. In order to further guide enterprises to establish a sense of good faith to develop business, and to shape a number of models of law-abiding operation, honesty and trustworthiness, civilized business, the county market supervision and administration bureau actively organized reputable enterprises to participate in the selection activities.

Through the voluntary declaration of enterprises, the county market supervision authority review and recommendation, finally reported to 5 enterprises to participate in the selection.

Five companies, including ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD., have been named as "the 10th consumer trust unit at the municipal level."