OUDI - the transformation of a pencil factory

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In 2013, oudi built a new factory and a new production line next to the old factory in huangtian, continuously expanding its production capacity and realizing transformation and upgrading.

These days, zhouguangjun, chairman of ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD., is busy commuting between QINGYUAN and ningbo. "Very busy, two companies run back and forth." For zhou guangjun, who is in his 50s, since he took over the pencil factory in southern zhejiang province, what has not changed is the busyness.

In 1978, under the spring wind of reform and opening up, township enterprises sprang up, and southern zhejiang pencil factory was born in huangtian in response to the situation, becoming the earliest pencil production enterprise in zhejiang province at that time. At the beginning, the company was small, with a small and humble factory and more than 10 workers. In the following years of development, the performance of pencil factory gradually improved. But with the deepening of reform, township enterprises began to appear "uncomfortable." In the 1990s, as a key township enterprise in the county, zhejiang southern pencil factory due to poor management, insolvency, facing the predicament of closure.

In 1997, huang tian villager zhou guangjun took over the southern zhejiang pencil factory. "The pencil factory at the time was facing the difficult situation of demobilization." After taking over, Mr. Zhou said, he stayed in the workshop to direct production and worked overtime with employees. Through hard work, in 1998, the pencil factory in south zhejiang province re-entered the normal production track, with annual sales volume reaching more than 4 million yuan and tax revenue exceeding 300,000 yuan.

In May 1999, zhejiang southern pencil factory was reformed successfully and renamed as zhejiang qingyuan southern zhejiang pencil co., LTD.

"Despite the success of the restructuring, the company's equipment is old, capital turnover is difficult, and technical strength is very weak. The sales situation has been good." According to zhou guangjun, after the reform, the company adjusted its strategy, optimized its business processes, won policy support, and acquired advanced production equipment to actively learn advanced technology. Soon after, the company found the "first bucket of gold" in tourist pencils -- the provincial tourism supplies designated production enterprises.

Since then, the company has updated woodworking heat treatment printing and painting equipment, increased the variety of colors, products began to become "diversified". "The products are shipped to ningbo for sale, but the raw materials have to be transported to the northeast. The cost is too high." Therefore, in 2002, the company bought 20 mu of land in zhenhai, ningbo, founded "ningbo shuangtong stationery co., LTD.", developed various innovative, practical and cost-effective pencil products, filled the blank of wooden pencil in ningbo stationery market, and cooperated with wal-mart, the world's largest commodity retailer.

In the same year, QINGYUAN south ZHEJIANG pencil CO., ltd. was officially renamed "ZHEJIANG QINGYUAN OUDI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.

"The product has developed from a single pencil to a comprehensive development of cosmetics, pencils and erasers, including the development, manufacture, sales and service of cosmetics, pencils and erasers. Zhou guangjun said that as the new project advances, the development of enterprises will be better.

After 35 years of development, the quick collapse of south pencil small factory, now owned by the two companies, hundreds of millions of dollars of assets and more than 400 employees of large comprehensive enterprise, products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions, with annual sales of more than 7000 ten thousand yuan, is the national writing instrument association governing units.