Qingyuan county party secretary LAN lingli visits oudi industrial

2016-12-05 15:38:21 admin 3

On the afternoon of December 4th, LAN lingli, secretary of the county party committee, came to zhukou town and huangtian town to conduct research and guide the construction of beautiful countryside, industrial economy and the development of agricultural industry. She pointed out that it was necessary to take the lead, stand up to the tide, concentrate on the strength, rush to the front line, and work in the actual place. We should do our best to improve the environment of small towns, enrich the people based on industry, make good planning for market towns and strive to build a happy and livable beautiful town.

County leaders huang shaogang, liu xinmin, liu changfa accompanied.


At the huangtan sweet orange grapefruit boutique in zhukou town, a large number of sweet orange pomelos are being picked and packaged for sale. LAN lingli was delighted to see the harvest. She said that the boutique garden has considerable benefits, dynamic industry and promising development. She hoped that the cooperative will strengthen its confidence, do deep and detailed processing, enhance the added value, expand the industrial chain and keep growing.

Coming to pinglinggang village, zhukou town, LAN lingli recognized the new village. She pointed out that the new village of pinglinggang is full of vitality and beautiful environment. The village committee has clear goals for the development of the village.


After hearing the report, LAN lingli pointed out that zhukou town is full of vitality, rich industrial resources, profound cultural heritage, strong working group and promising development. The next step is to build the town around five centers. Around the sweet orange pomelo industry center, continue to do bigger and stronger. Around the pencil industry center, the cultural connotation of mining, so that pencil culture into the market town, a good pencil town. Centering on the center of market towns, we will strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the environment of small towns, make good planning and do in-depth research to make the environment look new. Around the party building center, yong li chaotou, to walk in the forefront of the requirements, pay attention to all work. Centering on the training center of cadres, we will build a platform for them to start their own businesses. We will enable them to rush to the front line and work in a practical place.


Oudi industry and xinzhengda paint industry in huangtian have a good development momentum. After field visits to enterprises, LAN lingli fully affirmed the development results of the enterprises, encouraged the two enterprises to maintain a good momentum, accelerated innovation-driven, transformation and development, improved core competitiveness, and promoted better and faster development.


At the briefing, LAN lingli stressed that huangtian town has great development potential and obvious development results. We will build a bridgehead for the party in the future. We will strengthen the foundation of party building and constantly explore ways to innovate party building at the grassroots level. We should be a bridgehead for development. We will focus on comprehensive environmental improvement in small towns and push forward with high requirements to improve the environment. We will give top priority to people's livelihood, focus on enriching people through industry, form an entire industrial chain, and encourage farmers to increase their incomes and become rich. Be the bridgehead of a beautiful career. We will build beautiful villages and beautiful portals, train beautiful cadres, deepen the construction of a beautiful environment, and enhance their ability to plan, develop industries and do mass work.