"Culture +" promotes industrial development into a new business model

2016-10-14 15:49:04 admin 7

A giant pencil statue has been erected at the entrance of the zhukou pencil culture industrial park. At the pen end of the giant statue, the torchbearer carries the dream, holds the torch, and runs with the spirit of uplifting. Enter the pencil culture industrial park. With the help of the pencil's culture and history, various pencil cultural elements are applied to the design of bus stops, roads, enterprise walls and enterprise exhibition halls. With the completion of cultural improvement projects, the "pencil town" is showing a strong cultural atmosphere.

In recent years, our county by science and technology innovation, culture promotion, the development of the industrial chain, brand benefit, the foreign trade service and so on many indicators clear pencil campus culture promote engineering functional distinction and value orientation, to establish "accumulation, cultural development, cross promote" the development concept of the trinity, urged built during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" features in an industry, the cultural integration pencil theme of colorful cultural industry base, highlight the economy under the new normal "culture +" model of industry transformation of a pencil.

In 2012, the country's first pencil museum was opened. In 2015, the county has invested 50 million yuan to implement the double-track project of improving the culture of pencil culture industrial park and improving the culture of pencil enterprises. Now, we are committed to building the first "secret garden" creative town with the theme of "little pencil dream" It can be said that our county in the cultural boost pencil industry development on the full force.

"It's a good idea to incorporate cultural elements into physical products, or to make pencil products into fashionable contemporary crafts." Benefiting from the development of wenchuang products, county yifeng stationery co. At present, the enterprise produces more than 30 kinds of decorative arts and crafts pencils, the production value of which reaches 20 million yuan.

The creative development of pencil products is an effective capitalization of cultural resources. Zheng zulong, head of county yifeng stationery co., LTD., said that at present, our county encourages and promotes the development of cultural industry, which undoubtedly brings new development opportunities for enterprises.

Policies in order to increase the tilt and capital investment, promote a "culture +" in a pencil industry and tourism, science and technology, talent and creativity in the design of the depth of integration development, our county has worked out the micro on the support of small and medium-sized cultural enterprises in the implementation of the measures for the closing hillsides culture industry development measures for the use and management of special funds, special funds and setting up millions of cultural industry development, small action to education, to encourage the professional division of labor, extend the industrial chain, promote a batch of typical demonstration effect and industry role the cultural theme of creative projects implementation.

In addition, our county also with zhejiang university of technology, China writing instrument association to establish long-term strategic partnership, advantages from both sides, common culture creative innovation product development studio set up pencils, lead pencil enterprises to meet market demand at home and abroad, focus on the integration of culture and creativity, unique and brand integration, continuous upgrading of the level of pencil industry, value and innovation, realize the oneness to diversity, generation of processing to the brand.

"Next, we will create an enterprise culture hall in the pencil company. At present, the enterprise culture hall of hongxing and oudi has completed the preliminary design." In recent years, entrepreneurs in the pencil industry have paid more and more attention to the construction of corporate culture and the development of cultural and creative products, said zhang fangfang, the county's founding director. Under the promotion of culture, our county pencil culture innovation ability has been continuously enhanced, the output value has been continuously increased, formed the industry new business form gradually.