Scientific development, green development, shi jixi visited oudi industry

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On December 7th, shi jixi, secretary of the municipal party committee, came to our county to conduct a work investigation. He stressed that we should build on scientific and green development, strengthen confidence, lead the way and become a pioneer and model student of the "two mountains" theory.

County party secretary LAN lingli, county leaders li jieyyang, liu changfa, yan changyuan, wang shao-jin accompanied the investigation.


In zhukou town huangtan water dried fruit park, a golden sweet orange pomelo hung on the branches. Shi jixi along the park road, the field inspection to understand the development of the agricultural industry.

"How much is an acre of income? How are the sales this year? Shi was very concerned about the economic benefits of the industry and repeatedly asked the cooperative director about the harvest. Shi jixi was very happy to learn that, through the refinement construction in recent years, one mu of sweet tangerine pomelo now has a net income of nearly 10,000 yuan. He hopes that the cooperative leaders will continue to carry forward the spirit of exquisite craftsmanship based on their ecological advantages. Through the in-depth integration of efficient ecology, featured high-quality goods, green and safe modern ecological high-quality agriculture and "agricultural tourism", more people will be driven to increase their income and become rich.

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How to build a beautiful countryside, promote the development of a beautiful economy and build a beautiful and happy new countryside has always been the focus of shi jixi. In pinglinggang village and huangwu village, shi jixi entered the village to understand the local beautiful village construction and beautiful economic planning in detail.

"One year, more than 490 illegal constructions of various types have been dismantled, and the introduction of industrial and commercial capital to create leisure tourist attractions has led to the development of a beautiful economy in the village In the youth outdoor development park of huangwu village, shi jixi praised the achievements made by the village in promoting the development of beautiful economy by focusing on the construction of beautiful village. He hopes that more rural areas will take advantage of the advantages of ecological resources to develop the green economy of homestay, farmyard and rural tourism, so as to truly realize the green development of rural areas and benefit the people.


Walking into the cosmetics workshop of oudi industrial co., LTD., workers are busy producing a series of cosmetics for British customers. In recent years, this enterprise from the original professional production of pencils, to the production of eyebrow pencil and a series of cosmetics, rapid development momentum. In the enterprise, shi looked at the production line while calculating the "ecological cost" with the company's leaders. He said that the transformation and upgrading of enterprises will always be on the road, and the advantages of ecological investment cost should be used to make up for the disadvantages of transportation. Through the extension of industrial chain, differentiated development, fine management and good eco-economic articles should be made.

In xinzhengda industry, shi jixi also had a discussion with the company's principal to understand the production and development plans of the company in detail, and encouraged the company to continue to strengthen and expand, making more contributions to the economic and social development of qingyuan.

In the survey, shi stressed that the development of qingyuan in the past five years has changed a lot, and the development of qingyuan in the next five years will change even more. In the course of development, we should further firmly recognize the importance of a beautiful economy and the importance of a beautiful economy to a better life. We need to make scientific and green development our top priority, further enhance confidence in development and lead the way forward. Lead with correct scientific theory, active subject and government policy help to practice. By opening the "two mountains" channel, we strive to become a pioneer and model student of the "two mountains" theory.


On the same day, shi also supervised and directed the construction of high-speed connection lines, and called for joint efforts to tackle hard problems, solve difficult problems and speed up the construction of projects so as to benefit the public at an early date.