Qing Yuanshou’s one-to-two fully automatic mask production line was put into trial production

2020-03-28 13:59:43 admin 0

On March 25th, in Qingyuan Oudi Industrial Co., Ltd., workers were busy on the mask production line, and each mask quickly flew out. The mask production line was successfully trial-produced! It only took half a month from planning, approval to putting into trial production, staged the "Odi Speed" of the extraordinary period.


The county's first one-to-two fully automatic mask production line invested by the company was put into trial production, providing material guarantee for the county's epidemic prevention and control.

Affected by the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, especially the global epidemic alert has been sounded again, the demand for masks, which are essential materials for epidemic prevention and protection, has surged. Since the end of February, the company has been proactively deploying the production of masks and other protective materials. After days of intensive preparations and the rapid actions of relevant functional departments of the city and county, favorable conditions have been created for the company to launch the mask production line.


According to Zhou Guangjun, Chairman of Oudi Industrial, the global outbreak has brought crisis to their main foreign trade companies, but it also gave him an opportunity-the global production of masks is in short supply. He said: "The reason why I made up my mind to invest in mask production is that, on the one hand, I have seen the global crisis, and on the other hand, it is also the need for corporate transformation and upgrading. Oudi has undergone a successful transformation from stationery to cosmetics. I believe this time we will also It will succeed!"

At present, Oudi Industrial has introduced a one-to-two fully automatic mask production line, and during the trial production period, the daily output has reached 100,000. According to reports, the company will continue to expand its production capacity in the future and launch 5 new production lines. After the trial production products are qualified, they will be fully put into operation. After the official production, Nissan masks will reach 500,000!

It is understood that Oudi Industrial Co., Ltd. is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in our county. It is also the first fully automated mask manufacturer officially put into operation in our county, which will effectively alleviate the shortage of masks in our county.